Fulfillment Policy

Thank you for selecting the "Be a 6 Figure MUA Program" mentorship program. We are genuinely excited to welcome you aboard as you embark on this transformative journey within the makeup artistry industry.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy:

Refunds: Kindly note that all purchases made for the "Be a 6 Figure MUA Program" are deemed non-refundable. Once enrollment is finalized, it is considered irrevocable. We appreciate your comprehension of this policy, as it enables us to uphold the caliber and integrity of our program for all participants.

Cancellation: Given the nature of this enrollment-based program, cancellations are not accommodated. Nevertheless, we recognize that unforeseen circumstances may arise, impacting your ability to fulfill payments. Should you encounter such circumstances, we kindly request that you reach out to us via email to discuss your situation. Our team will collaborate with you to identify a suitable solution that aligns with your circumstances, ensuring continuity in your participation in the program.

Payment Plans: We provide flexible payment plans designed to make the program accessible to all aspiring makeup artists. Our payment plans are structured to accommodate diverse financial situations, allowing you to invest in your future without undue financial strain. Please ensure timely payment to retain access to program materials and resources.

Access to Resources: Upon enrollment, you will immediately gain access to all program materials and resources. Access remains available as long as payments are current. In the event of missed payments, please promptly contact us to discuss arrangements and prevent disruption in access to program materials.

By enrolling in the "Be a 6 Figure MUA Program," you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this fulfillment policy, including the refund and cancellation policy. Should you encounter any challenges or have inquiries regarding our fulfillment policy or any other aspect of the program, please feel free to contact our customer support team via email.

We are dedicated to providing assistance and support to ensure your success in the program. Thank you for selecting our mentorship program.