Lina Zuniga


A renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist and a driving force in the beauty industry. Based in the vibrant hub of Miami, FL, Lina is celebrated as one of the most sought-after MUAs, gracing the faces of stars such as Cardi B, Becky G, Leona Lewis, Eva Longoria, Lala Anthony, Ashanti, Nikita Dragun, Natti Natasha, Winnie Harlow, and an impressive roster of Miami/LA socialites. Her artistry knows no bounds, and her work has adorned the glitziest events and red carpets.

Beyond her astounding talent as a makeup artist, Lina Zuniga is also recognized for her passion as a dedicated beauty educator, empowering makeup artists worldwide with invaluable knowledge and skills. Her commitment to nurturing talent and cultivating expertise has led her to launch "Be A 6-Figure Makeup Artist"--a groundbreaking transformational mentorship program for established makeup artists whose dream is to build a profitable beauty business.

With the "Be A 6-Figure Makeup Artist" program, Lina's vision is to help makeup artists around the globe reach their fullest potential as not only artists but as business owners as well. Through ongoing education, hands-on coaching, and a wealth of resources, she envisions makeup artists becoming not only masters of their craft but also successful 6-figure entrepreneurs. The program's core values center on growth, empowerment, and the pursuit of limitless success.